This is what we do best

Extensive expertise in design combined with creativity and communication skills in projects of all sizes

Real estate development

Added value with design that respects the characteristics of the property and the needs of the end user

A successful real estate development project is the sum of many factors. Our responsibilities are, for example, concept design, interior design and signage design, always considering the unique characteristics of each property. We work closely with the property owner from the very beginning and build bridges between the different parties in the project. When necessary, we can also be involved in the tenant interface.

Workplace design

Working and communities thrive in an environment that supports the business

Sense of comfort and functionality in a workspace affect the everyday working – and thereby the success of the company. We have to know our clients, because no two work communities are the same. Workshops and online questionnaires can be used to involve the entire personnel, no matter what size the company is. When we know exactly what the challenges and needs are, we know exactly what kinds of solutions to offer.

Spatial branding

Familiarising the brand of a company or property both to employees and visitors

Spatial branding is more than just a company logo in the lobby. It can be a comprehensive experience that can create brand understanding on a new level. Signage and graphic elements add clarity, quality and convenience to the environment, and are always designed respectfully to the milieu in question. Kakadu has versatile experience in spatial branding, whether the need is to create a custom mural or clarifying the brand for spatial communication needs.

Spatial and interior design

Aesthetic and functional spaces that are designed to last

We design spaces that are easy on the eye and fit for use. The principles of sustainable development guide our design: we keep our processes, resources and selections on a sustainable basis. We aim to enhance the human experience by improving the sense of comfort, quality and safety in a space.