SBB Finland

Inviting work environment on a beautiful boulevard

New, stylish premises in a modernized office building

The workplace transformation of the Nordic property company SBB began as the company moved to new premises on the verdant boulevard of Bulevardi 7 in Helsinki. The recently renovated properties retained their valuable style while fully modernizing to meet SBB’s expectations for the new office space. The aim of the work environment was to create a stylish, inviting, modern, and Scandinavian atmosphere where the spaces exuded stability, reliability, and long-term commitment.

The planning phase commenced with workshop collaboration. Following our client’s agile approach, the entire staff had the opportunity to influence and brainstorm in a virtual workshop, clarifying preferences for the functionality and appearance of the premises using floor plans as a guide, and collectively envisioning how the spaces could look and what emotions they could evoke. The results of the workshop provided valuable insights into the space users and their needs.

We were pleased to find that our design was supported by the high-quality renovation of the property, considering environmental values, and specifying low-carbon products as the base materials. Furthermore, with sustainability in mind, we made timeless choices in surface materials, and we highlighted the company’s brand identity with easily replaceable elements. Virtually all existing loose furniture was utilized, and new loose furniture acquisitions were made through a procurement model tailored to the client and in close collaboration with Blanco+.

Seamless and clear collaboration between SBB and other partners, along with precise decision-making, ensured the smooth and cheerful progress of the project. We succeeded in achieving the set goals: the work environment is stylish, inviting, and instills confidence while being relaxed and homely.

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