Vaaka Partners

Two floors filled with elegance and high quality

Sustainably designed facilities to meet the users’ needs

Vaaka Partners, a Finnish private equity firm, had their premises fully renovated. The work environment has a distinguished atmosphere, consistent with the company’s brand. Participatory workshops and online surveys clarified the personnel’s spatial needs: functionality and privacy to support work and cosiness to reinforce togetherness at the office.

We selected dusky tones and natural materials to bring warmth into the spaces. Adjustable lighting is a practical feature in the variable lighting conditions of our northern location. Comfortable lounge furnishing invites to sit down for a chat with coworkers. Acoustic materials such as sound damping carpet keep the soundscape calm.

Peace and quiet is a common requirement for today’s workspace, as many tasks require focusing and remote meetings are here to stay. Different spaces have their designated functions and all items have their place in the office to keep it tidy.

Old office desks, chairs and cabinets were in good shape and thereby kept in use. Disposable items and carpets were recycled. When selecting new furniture and materials we focused on high quality and long-lasting products from manufacturers who have sustainable principles.

The pandemic also brought new solutions into Vaaka Partners office space. Handwash and disinfectant were made easily available for employees and visitors, and air conditioning was automated to increase airflow in the spaces with most people at any time.

The project was completed on schedule due to effective cooperation between designers, planners and contractors.

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