A long-term partner with facilities all over Finland

A familiar brand comes to life in Valio facilities

Being a large company, Valio has a multitude of different facilities which we have renewed over the years. The renewals were designed in co-operation with the personnel, and smaller projects were executed over the long term whenever a need for another renewal surfaced.

The visual identity of Valio was brought to life with different techniques. The meeting rooms were branded with familiar products, and highlighted with relevant patterns and illustrations. ”Sensory space”, a special classroom, got a unique hand-painted wall based on a leaf pattern, which is one of the cornerstones of Valio’s visual identity. The floor was created by straining blue and green paint on top of a wet layer of white paint. The combination of design and chance brought out a lively and unique end result. Glass partition decals function as both a colourful enhancer of the brand as well as a visual barrier. Bespoke wallpapers are cheerful in colour and imagery, and they support Valio’s brand and functions.

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