Clear visual materials and core messages reflect the company’s values

Timelessness, thought leadership, responsibility, and quality are the attributes for which Premico is known. Their business, operating in Finland for decades, covers the entire life cycle of property development, from property investment to construction and rental housing.

Premico wanted to identify a coherent approach and core messages for its visual communications. Every sales slide, promotional material and presentation graphic should tell a collective real-life story about Premico. In the past, their employees used several parallel versions of the materials at the same time.

We started to sharpen the company’s identity by first bringing together all the existing visual elements Premico had in use. We then held an open dialogue on which attributes and differentiators would best lead to the desired brand image and used them as a basis for designing a new color palette, imagery, and graphic elements.

Each choice was guided by the idea of softness and people orientation, combined with sharp expertise. Dark yet warm colors and photographs, together with a humane sans-serif font, create a recognizable visual world.

The artwork of Kakadu’s own illustrator added a new element to the entity. The hand-crafted textures and figures give a personal touch that helps Premico stand out in the market. Patterns and smart cartoon characters allow for subtle distinctions to be made between different business focus areas, for example in sales materials.

The updated graphic guidelines set out clear advice for communication. On top of that, Premico wanted ready-to-use materials that work in any situation, every working day, for any Premico employee. For example, the easier it is to use presentation slides or embeddable graphs, the more time will be saved.

You don’t always have to start from scratch. In this project, a number of proven elements were used as building blocks, from which the most essentials were highlighted. The budget and timeframes were clear and stuck to the plans.

Competition is intense in the real estate sector. A strong visual organizational identity is memorable because it signals what truly differentiates a company in the market. Brand image is the sum of visual identity and key messages, and that whole needs some nurturing and care. With a clear look and effective tools, Premico leads the way one step ahead – as promised in its values.

For a Functioning City

We were more than excited to be approached by experienced real estate developers in search of a partner for identity design.  Our wide understanding of the real estate market was our strength when they selected us to help create an identity for their new company.

Our approach is to begin each project with workshops. In the first one, we dug deep into the company’s functions and services as well as its values and purpose. The second workshop took the design process further toward visual communication and core messages. Workshopping also helped name the new company Revelon.

We defined keywords to support identity design: casual, professional, geometric, humane, and approachable. By combining a few sketches we created a visual identity, that is built around strong typography and a harmonious color palette. In brand photos, Revelon’s R stands in a developing urban setting, surrounded by nature.

Clearly defined processes and schedules framed the project, which went on purposefully from the beginning to the end. Mutual trust, understanding, and the client’s decisiveness helped achieve the resulting brand identity, which makes both the designer and the client proud.

It was a pleasure to work with Kakadu and the results exceeded our expectations. Our cooperation was smooth and practical.

– Otso Halsti, CEO, Revelon