Embassy of Finland, Beijing

Finnish Design, International Cooperation

Unique details in a sky-high building

The embassy of Finland in China’s capital, Beijing, was completed in the Spring of 2022 after years of precise design, planning and renovations. The embassy is located in the diplomatic district of Sanlitun, in a skyscraper towering up to 90 meters. Per request from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, we were privileged to work closely with HIMLA Architects and a design agency located in Beijing.

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and its design guidelines set the standards for the design. The space was to have three main purposes: diplomatic representation, consulate services and day-to-day office work. The design process paid close attention to the nature of the embassy’s work, the user’s needs, and strict security measures.

Working remotely from Helsinki to Beijing was already an unusual experience, until half way through the project, Covid 19 -pandemic swept across the Globe. The exceptional project took some unexpected turns, and unlike the original plan, almost the entire construction phase was guided remotely from Finland. Frequent and open communication with the whole team contributed positively to the progression of the project.

The embassy is a harmonious combination of Finnish art and design and local craftsmanship. The large windows look down to the Liangma river and the lush, green parks of Sanlitun. The neutral, natural and high-quality interior is something to be proud of for the Finns working so far away from home.

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