Timelessness and Luxury in Central Location

Living room for workdays

The real estate investment company Fincap, based in Helsinki, was looking for new premises for its own use. They aimed for an inviting space that fits the brand’s dignified style and is easy to access.

We started with thorough research. In a workshop, we outlined the criteria for the location and functions. Next, we visited several vacant offices, pondering on desired room arrangements. Along with Kakadu, the interior design agency Hohde – Fincap’s long-term partner – took part in the project from the beginning.

The missing piece of the puzzle was found surprisingly close: Aleksi 30–34, in the middle of the city, was just going through a renovation and concrete surfaces were ready to be finished. Within that project, we had designed an interior concept for the location. Fincap liked the solutions, such as the proposed material palette.

Now that a suitable space had been found, Fincap was ready to move in there with two other companies. As we went on with the interior finishing, we listened to all three office mates and their needs.

The cozy, living room-like ensemble now attracts employees to chat with each other. The excellent location also provides a good setting for a showroom presenting Fincap’s projects. There are several entrances to the office rooms, which adds privacy between the three tenants. 

Details and high-quality materials build a natural bridge between the physical environment and Fincap’s brand. At the same time, the surrounding architecture is designed to last. You can notice uniform elements throughout the house, from bathrooms to fixed lighting. It adds flexibility in the future if there is a need to divide or expand the workspaces.

The roles were clear: as the groundwork for the concept was over, Kakadu was primarily responsible for the structures, architecture, and on-site management, whereas Hohde looked after the detailed visual ensemble, including colors and furniture.

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