Helsinki City Museum

Free entry to an experiential, multi-functional museum

An oasis of experiences in the heart of Helsinki

Visit the museum online: Kaupunginmuseo 360°

Helsinki City Museum aimed to unite scattered spaces under the same roof. At the same time, they wanted to renew the services in the museum, and create a space where people would want to return over and over again.

The project was made especially inspiring and challenging by consisting of spaces with varying atmospheres and functions. Therefore the solutions were carefully thought through with the client in different workshops and visits to the museum spaces.

The result is a comprehensive experience, in which the Helsinki lifestyle is visible from the foyer to the exhibitions, meeting rooms, signage system, lifts, gift shop and even to the toilets. The renewed museum has already reached over a million visitors.

I am extremely happy that the museum has become a common space for all the people in the city. We have succeeded in creating an experiential, free-of-charge museum that allows itself to be used in multiple ways.

– Museum director Tiina Merisalo

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