Hermia 5 & 6

Two buildings united under one brand

Propeller heads, synergy and rocket science

The united brand for Hermia 5 and 6 pretty much formed itself, and our job was to verbalize and visualize the story told to us by the history and current users of the property. The buildings, originally built for Nokia, have seen many faces and innovations, but the tech bubble never popped here. Propeller heads, bankers and engineers work side by side and keep up the good spirit of the two office buildings.

“The future of tech development in giants’ footprints”

This was the starting point for property branding. We surrounded the formerly designed logo with fresh colours and graphics and used the elements to create a website, brochure and an introductory video with some drone footage.

In spatial photos, the focus is on glass and steel structures typical to the era. The walls, though, were nowhere near as interesting as what happens inside them. We also visited some tenants premises and met silicon wafers, robots and an anechoic chamber on the way.

“Two buildings as a stage for engineering tour de force since the beginning of the millennium”

We also photographed the employees and tenants of the buildings. Real stories and experiences in the Hermias bring the buildings to life for future tenants as well. The core of the brand is far from far-fetched!

Watch the video here
Visit the Hermia 5 & 6 website here

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