Brand-consistent minimalism and elegance

Moving to new, larger premises while responsibly utilizing existing furniture

The planning results of our workspace experts are evident in the new premises of Polestar Finland’s country organization. As the company grew, the existing office space became insufficient, prompting the need for additional space and meeting the demands of evolving work. The new, larger premises were found within the familiar environment, inside the same office property. Space planning was guided by the company’s sleek and minimalist brand identity.

With a controlled color scheme, clean lines, and expansive glass surfaces, the new premises convey freshness, elegance, and streamlined design. Reflecting the brand’s identity, the Polestar logo is illuminated, serving as a captivating focal point. Space design addressed the challenges of hybrid work, such as facilities for collaboration, up-to-date AV solutions, and reservation systems, as well as various-sized retreat areas. The space features seating clusters and meeting rooms designed to encourage diverse working styles.

One of Polestar Finland’s sustainable development goals is to accelerate the transition to responsible and electric driving. Design and materials consider circular economy principles from sourcing raw materials to assembly, use, and reuse. Aligning with our joint project’s sustainable principles, all existing office furniture and textiles were reused, and necessary additional furniture was partly acquired second-hand in the new premises.

Upon completion of the project, Polestar Finland now has appropriately sized, representative, and functional spaces.

Collaboration with Kakadu was straightforward from start to finish, with a shared goal: functional and representative new spaces serving as a strong foundation for business growth and a powerful brand.

– Martin Österberg, Marketing Director Finland, Polestar

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